Let our experienced staff help you plan all of your travel needs. We have a wide variety of aircraft to suit any travel need. Whether you need to get to the other side of the country or just the other side of the city, we have an aircraft capable of getting you there. Our helicopters are affordable and ideal for traveling locally above the gridlock. Everyone shows up to fancy events in limos these days. If you really want to get noticed book one of our helicopters to make sure you arrive in style!


Our Baron B58 has the Foxstar modification, making it lightning fast and capable of getting you anywhere in a hurry! Our luxurious Navajo Chieftan is appointed with a full bar and private lavatory for the ultimate in comfort and style. Once you experience travel in a private aircraft you'll never want to fly commercial again! And with our competitive pricing you won't have to! Call us today to find out how affordable your next trip can be in one of our many private aircraft!


Our full service maintenance staff is here to assist you with all of your airframe & powerplant maintenance needs. We can also take care of your IFR - 24 month pitot - static, transponder certification quickly. Our highly trained in-house maintenance department is here 24/7 and more than capable of meeting any maintenance needs that you may require.

Aircraft Management

If you already own an aircraft we can provide you with world-class management services, maximizing performance and cost efficiency. Our years of experience with training, payroll, scheduling and maintenance combined with our hangar facilities and impeccable safety record have positioned us at the forefront of the aircraft management industry. You can rest assured that your aircraft is being serviced, operated and maintained by experts. We also offer the option of placing your aircraft on our charter certificate, earning you revenue during its idle times. Every hour that your aircraft spends on the ground is one that could be spent generating revenue. As part of our charter service you’ll save thousands of dollars on fuel discounts alone. Not to mention discounted fleet insurance, virtual flight training and more.